Glory be to God on High

The Christmas Carol 'Glory be to God on high' originated as a French Salter. The term salter originates from Protestant religious music being composed for the singing of the Psalms. The first printed version of the French Salter can be traced back to Clement Marot (1497-1544) in 1562. The words and lyrics of 'Glory be to God on high' are by Charles Wesley. He was the brother of John Wesley and co-founder of Methodism.

Glory be to God on High
Christmas Carol Lyrics

Glory be to God on high,
God Whose glory fills the skies;
Peace on earth to man forgiv’n,
Man, the well beloved of Heav’n.

Sovereign Father, heavenly King,
Thee we now presume to sing;
Glad, Thine attributes confess,
Glorious all, and numberless.

Hail, by all Thy works adored!
Hail, the everlasting Lord!
Thee with thankful hearts we prove
God of power, and God of love.

Christ our Lord and God we own,
Christ, the Father’s only Son,
Lamb of God for sinners slain,
Savior of offending man.

Bow Thine ear, in mercy bow,
Hear, the world’s atonement, Thou!
Jesus, in Thy Name we pray,
Take, O take our sins away!

Powerful Advocate with God,
Justify us by Thy blood;
Bow Thine ear, in mercy bow,
Hear, the world’s atonement, Thou!

Hear, for Thou, O Christ, alone
Art with God the Father One,
One the Holy Ghost with Thee,
One supreme, eternal Three.

Glory be to God on High
Christmas Carol Lyrics

He was also a great writer of Hymns, Carols and poems. Educated at Oxford University he joined a group and formed the Methodist movement. Charles accompanied his brother John to the new colony of Georgia in 1735 where he worked as the secretary of the Governor, General James Oglethorpe.

Charles Wesley returned to England in 1736.A selection of Charles Wesley's hymns was first published in 1739 which proved to be immensely popular. Charles married Sarah Gwynne on April 8th 1749 and they were belessed with two sons. He died in London in March 1778.

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