He Smiles Within His Cradle

The music, words and lyrics of the Christmas Carol 'He smiles within his cradle' were written by David Gregor Corner (1585-1648).

He Smiles Within His Cradle
Christmas Carol Lyrics

He smiles within his cradle,
A babe with face to bright
it beams most like a mirror
Against a blaze of light:
This babe so burning bright.

This babe we now declare to you
Is Jesus Christ, our Lord;
He brings both peace and heartiness:
Haste, haste with one accord
To feast with Christ our Lord.

And who would rock the cradle
Wherein this infant lies,
Must rock with easy motion
And watch with humble eyes,
Like Mary pure and wise.

O Jesus, dearest babe of all
And dearest babe of mine,
Thy love is great, thy limbs are small
O flood this heart of mine
With overflow from thine!

He Smiles Within His Cradle
Christmas Carol Lyrics

Corner was born in Vienna Austria and became the Abbott of Goettweig. In 1638 he became rector of the University of Vienna.

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