The Angels Song

The words and lyrics of the old Christmas carol 'Now Let Us Sing The Angels' Song' are unknown but its origins date back to the Middle Ages . The music was originally composed by the Elizabethan musician Orlando Gibbons (1583 - 1625).

The Angels Song
Christmas Carol Lyrics

Now let us sing the Angel's song
That rang so sweet and clear,
When heav'nly light and music fell
On earthly eye and ear;
To Him we sing, our Saviour King,
Who always deigns to hear:
"Glory to God, and peace on earth."

He came to tell the Father's love,
His goodness, truth and grace;
To show the brightness of His smile,
The glory of His face;
With His own light, so full and bright,
The shades of death to chase.
"Glory to God, and peace on earth."

He came to bright the weary ones
True peace and perfect rest;
To take away the guilt and sing
Which darken'd and distressed,
That great and small might hear His call,
And gain we raise on high.
"Glory to God, and peace on earth."

He came to bring a glorious gift,
Good will to men; - and why?
Because He loved us, Jesus came
For us to live and die;
Then sweet and long, the Angels' song,
Again we raise on high.
"Glory to God, and peace on earth."

The Angels Song
Christmas Carol Lyrics

Orlando Gibbons was a chorister at King's College, Cambridge. He was appointed as an organist of the Chapel Royal and later at Westminster Abbey. Some alternative music to the caro; was composed by the Italian Alberto Randegger (1832-1911). Randegger settled in London in 1854 and completed many musical works including operAs, carols and hymns. This carol was included in 'Carols Old and Carols New' which was compiled by the American the Rev. Charles Lewis Hutchins (1838-1920). Charles Lewis Hutchins entered the ministry of the Episcopal church in 1865.

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