March of the Toys

March of the Toys is featured in the operetta "Babes in Toyland" composed in 1903 by Victor Herbert with words and lyrics by Glenn MacDonough.
Toyland is a magical land of toys where the hero is the Toymaker.
The fairy story theme surrounds two children and includes a plot to steal the toys.
There is a happy ending and everyone discovers the true meaning of Christmas.

March of the Toys
Christmas Themed Words & Lyrics

Come back to the toys your childhood knew,
For we are true, whatever you do.
We're waiting to play the same old way,
Through night and day, though you are gray, we'll wait for aye!
Come join us as we march along
A hundred strong, And sing our song!
Forget life's cares, life's snares
And be a child, and be a child once more.

March of the Toys
Christmas Carol Lyrics

The work is a wonderful musical creation for kids and children featuring various characters from Mother Goose nursery rhymes which are woven into a fairy tale Christmas theme. The musical includes Toyland, the Christmas Fair Waltz: Hail to Christmas and the March of the toys. A fairy tale for children with a Christmas theme.

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